All Saints’ Sarnia Choir

Approximately thirty voices make up our choir at All Saint’s Sarnia. We love to sing and it shows every Sunday morning during worship services. The choir sings everything from a wide range of sacred songs from the ancient and well loved anthems to the modern and contemporary musical compositions.   We also love to perform for the general public as well and in some years have included performances at the Sarnia Music Festival, as well as performances of our Christmas Cantatas.

Voices range from professionally trained to those who simply love to sing a joyful noise unto the Lord. Why not give us a try? Come listen during a Sunday morning service or join us for a practice! The choir practices every Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. from September to June.

The choir is also known for having some great social times too, but more importantly, we are a family!   We care about each other. So if you love to sing, or play a musical instrument, All Saints’ is waiting to add you to the family.

You will always receive a very warm welcome at All Saints’ Anglican Church…..choir.

All Saints’ Corunna Choir

We are a part of the church family that through our singing and music further express our love of the Lord. We have found a special kinship because of the joy we share that has created a bond among us. We truly care for each other and each of us is a part of the support team for the other choir members. We have so much fun together be it singing on Sunday, practice on Thursday night or just at a social get-together . Yes our first priority is to praise the Lord, and it is wonderful to do it in a way that so gladdens the heart.