Christian Education

Christian education is a life-long process that begins at baptism. All Saints’ provides Christian education not only for our children but also our adults. We have a weekly Bible Study every Wednesday beginning at 10 a.m. followed by Eucharist. Our past studies have taken us chapter by chapter through: The Gospel of Mark, Genesis, and Revelation as well as a book on the history of Christianity. We have also been working through some articles/sermons by the renowned Episcopal priest, the Rev. Barbara Brown Taylor. No question is too outrageous as we struggle to immerse ourselves in God’s spoken word, then and now. Lunch out afterwards helps to foster our community.

We also have a weekly Bible Study from 7 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday evenings. We look at various topics outlined in the Bible, as well as tackling current events through the eyes of faith. Please contact the office at 519-344-5167 or email for more information regarding that study.

At both of our Bible Study groups there is a deep respect for all perspectives. These are safe places to explore faith without judgment or criticism. Laughter and love are hallmarks of both groups!

There is a time of fellowship over dinner on the fourth Friday of the month — usually — at 5 pm at a restaurant nearby. Check the announcement sheet on the homepage to see where we’ll be eating this month. After dinner, we have fun singing a few hymns and songs in the Church, many of them from the “old” blue hymn book. All we need is a campfire!